We truly believe that when it comes to cancer, the potential of the best medication and the latest treatment cannot be maximised unless one develops the right mental attitude towards this disease.

We are driven by our commitment to help others like us face the challenge of cancer with the right knowledge, courage and hope.

Journeying Together

When cancer affects you, either directly or indirectly, it changes your life. Each person reacts to and copes with this change in his / her own way. At Connect to Heal, having been through similar circumstances ourselves, we understand this and we recognise that every person requires a different type of support. We will first understand what you, as an individual, are experiencing, how it is affecting you and how it makes you feel,before offering appropriate guidance on how to cope with your particular situation. You will also begin to understand that cancer doesn’t mean the end of the road and that it still is possible to have a purposeful and meaningful life. On some days, perhaps all you need is just someone to talk to - someone who understands. We’re here for those days as well. If you’d like to talk to someone today, contact us now.

Strength in Unity

You don’t have to fight alone in the battle against cancer. By joining Connect To Heal, you can be part of a group that you can always lean on. Joining the group also gives you the opportunity to use your experience or knowledge to help someone else in a similar situation. In pursuance of our mission, we meet every fortnight– to support and inspire each other, share important information and to dispel myths about cancer. Besides the physical meetings, our support network extends over the telephone and email,so we’re always here, whenever you need us. We have witnessed – on numerous occasions – the tremendous positive impact that interaction brings. Sometimes just realizing that one is not alone, hearing about someone else’s tireless determination to cope with this disease or seeing how others in the same predicament are leading a fulfilling life, can lift someone’s spirits and make them take on a more positive attitude, which is key to overcoming cancer.

If you’d like to attend a group session, contact us now.

The services mentioned above are FREE. All you have to do is be present.