Since 2007, Connect to Heal has been working to assist cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers with the ‘non-medical’ aspect of the healing process. We are a non-profit organisation, driven by the empathy we feel for those faced with a similar situation to ours.


We bring together Cancer patients and Cancer Survivors on a single platform and provide adequate information to ensure a smooth treatment. We share stories which will support other Cancer patients.


- Support
- Inspire
- Share Information
- Dispel Myths

Our Team

Our permanent core group is made up of individuals who are either cancer survivors themselves or have closely supported a loved one who has been through cancer. Meet our core group members:



Padma Padma, who holds an M.A. and B.Ed Diploma in counselling, has had a career that has spanned the fields of education, business and care giving. Supporting and watching her mother battle cancer left Padma grief stricken and wondering if she had done enough for her mother. She realised that if she had had a group to lean on during and after her mother’s struggle she might have coped better with the situation



Mamatha was in teaching profession for 30 years before she started her journey as Cancer counsellor. After equipped with a diploma from AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) she worked as a counsellor with Karunashraya, She herself has successfully overcome this disease. The experience has left her determined to show others that this battle can be won. She has published a inspirational book for all the cancer patients based on her own memoir titled "Leaves from the Book of Life".



Lipika After 28 years as a successful IT professional in India and the US, Lipika was diagnosed with cancer. It gave her a new perspective on life, teaching her to accept, but yet fight back and move on with life. With unwavering resolution, she dedicated the next 2 years of her life to becoming a trained counsellor so that she could appropriately help those in a similar situation to her own



Anil, a successful entrepreneur, was diagnosed with cancer after the age of 65. He confronted the disease head on and came out a winner to then finally make the time to complete a life-long ambition of making the physically and mentally demanding trip to Mansarovar.



A four decade long career that covered varied geographies in 4 continents. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 45 but continued to lead a full and meaningful life - now runs an NGO The Sahayatha Trust, and works as an Executive Coach.'



Always lived life to the fullest but being detected with breast cancer was the most terrifying experience of life. Being a loving daughter, wife, mother and friend, was shattered with the news but battled through the year of trauma and came out winning. Makes one more appreciate of the smallest joys of life and now wants to share her experience and support others through their trying times.