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R Chandrashekar’s Cancer Story

Dear friends, cancer doesn’t mean the end of the road! It DOES cause fear and anxiety. It DOES evoke feelings of uncertainty and hopelessness. It DOES mean a long, challenging journey. But It DOES NOT mean that you are alone.

I am a cancer survivor. Initially, I presented with breathlessness, and it was diagnosed as TB by doctors at a reputed hospital. My TB treatment went on for three months and my condition started getting worse. I had a discussion with a consulting surgeon and went in for thoracic surgery. 

The surgeons found tumors on my rib cage wall. This was in 2010 and I was diagnosed with “Lymphoblastic Lymphoma T cell” cancer. It was in an advanced stage and doctors gave me a life expectancy of 90 days. The doctors explained the treatment protocol to me and I started my treatment.  After three years of chemo and radiation treatment, I overcame cancer and now am back to my normal life.

Cancer DOES NOT mean that you cannot survive. It is all in our mental strength and will power. Do not give heed to negative thoughts preached by some people, instead think positively. And also do a lot of physical activity (walking, jogging, running, yoga exercises, etc.).